Monday, March 06, 2006

Since I've Moved

I have since my last update moved to Milwaukee. I am now a full time student at UW Milwuakee. I hear the Charcoal grill and Rotisserie in Manitowoc is almost open. They also opened a Wellness center which offers a walk-in clinic and a high-tech workout facility.

For anyone that has been living on another planet the whole Steve Avery case has been going on in Manitowoc. This made
national news.

I forgot to mention that Manitowoc is famous for making Ice Machines, and Cranes. Manitowoc is also famous for building boats, thats why my highThe
climate is very similar to Milwaukee. Cold! Cold is cold no matter which way you put it. It seems warmer in Milwaukee though. Manitowoc has much native american history. What does the funny word mean you ask? "Home of the great spirit".

St. Patrick 's Day is coming up. Always a good time in Manty (short for Manitowoc). For some reason this is one of my favorite holidays. Stocks

Harley Davidson has there annual customer appriciation parties. We drink
Green Beer and wear funny clothes and go random dive bar hunting.:)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I would like to introduce myself:
  • My name is Carly and I was born and raised here in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I'm a college student at both UW Manitowoc, and UW Milwaukee.

Information about Manitowoc:

  • Manitowoc is a very small town with a population of roughly 35,000 people. Manitowoc is located about thiry miles south of Green Bay and about seventy miles north of Milwaukee. It really doesn't seem like there's much here but I've found more than enough fun things to do.

Things to do in Manitowoc:

Frisbee Golf

Silver Creek Park on the southeast side of the city's outskirts holds one of the U.S.'s best Frisbee golf courses. It's a lot of fun but not as easy as you think. Although I'm not so great at it, I love Frisbee golfing. The concept is similar to regular golfing except you toss the Frisbee until you get it into this net. The University in Manitowoc bumps up to the Frisbee golf course so it's a great pass time for students to go play between classes. Silver Creek Park is a large recreational park near Lake Michigan where there is a playground as well as a soccer field. Many people go to the park to have get togethers, picnics, grill-outs and bike or walk the trails.


Manitowoc has a couple different museums and I’ve only been to the Rahr West Museum. This is an art museum that has changing events and exhibits. The Rahr West Art Museum is located on the north side of Manitowoc on 8th street. In addition we also have our U.S. Navy WWII Submarine and museum located on the Manitowoc river near Lake Michigan as well. One other museum that I would like to revisit would be the Pinecrest Historical Village. I was at Pinecrest as a child but would like to see it again. Pinecrest is a village of houses from different time eras.

Farmer's Market
I'm a loyal attendant of our Farmer's Market here in Manitowoc as well, I live near where it's held so my attendance is quite frequent. Every Saturday morning I'm there at about 9:00 am. I usually stop at my favorite coffee house Premiere Cafe and get coffee before I'm off to the Farmer's Market. There is a man there that sells freshly made crepes, a different kind each week, that's usually my breakfast. They have great corn on the cob, and Door County cherries. I get fresh flower arrangements for $3.00 a bunch. The Amish are usually there selling baked goods and you can find pretty much every kind of fruit and vegetable from the area. People bring hand made soaps and crocheted goods, as well as many other things.

I just started golfing this year and yep, I love it. I'm thinking about buying a used set of clubs for myself for next year. I've already bought an allotment of pink golf balls and a really cute pair of addidas golf shoes. It all started when my boyfriend took me to his company golf outing. It was at Wonder Springs in Manitowoc County. That was the first time I've ever golfed a full eighteen holes, and I kicked his butt! Some other fun courses in the area are Seven Lakes, Meadow Links, and Autum Ridge.


Another thing Manitowoc is known for is its Carferry that takes you from Manitowoc to Ludington, Michigan in four hours, then returns. There is also one in Milwaukee but it's smaller than ours. I was on the boat when I was younger and found it a bit boring; I also got a little motion sickness.

The dining in Manitowoc is pretty sad. Surrounding cities have much better selections. One of my favorites in Manitowoc is Courthouse Pub, located across the street from Manitowoc's Courth
ouse. The Pub probably has the best combination of good food, atmosphere, and service. The Boatyard Cafe, located in the Inn on Maritime Bay hotel, has great food, and on a nice summer day it's great to sit outside on there patio with the lake view. Wallstreat Grill used to be my favorite, and although it's still high on my list the atmosphere isn't the greatest to start with and the service is slipping. I could go on about my dining reviews of Manitowoc because I've been everywhere here to eat and I love dining. Other Places to eat:

  • Neweys- Thai food but some American as well. Good breakfast and lunch.
  • Moretti's Deli-Fun to take food out and picnic or stay and dine. Good lunch.
  • Tony's Pizza-Awsome Taco Pizza. Outside dining available.
  • Penquin Drive In- Car hop. Known for burgers and casual dining.
  • Hacienda-Mexican food. Outside dining. Good location
  • Garnishes-Creative food. Weekend dining.
  • Lates- Best cheese curds in the world. Very casual and inexpensive.
  • Legend Larry's- Known for chicken wings, Monday specials.
  • Jade Palace-Asian food. Good Chi Chi drinks!

Night Life
I once saw somewhere that Manitowoc was in the Guinness book of world records for having more bars per capita than any other city in the United States. That probably explains why there's a church and three bars on every corner. For many night life includes bar hopping. Some of my friends and I make a ritual of it and get a Designated Driver, a suburban and go dive-bar hunting. We go to all these little rinky-dink bars that don't know what a Cosmopoliton is and have to wipe the dust off top shelf alcohol for us. It's fun, we meet so many different people. Aside from dive bars one of my very favorite places to go is Riverbank Lounge. The owners are two great people from Chicago that turned an old bank into a wine and martini bar, you can even sit in the vault. They have a full bar but they also have fantastic wine and yummy martinis. The inside is very eclectic and trendy, not to mention non-smoking. In the summer they have tables outside for talking, enjoying the weather, and smoking. They usually have some kind of live entertainment, mostly music but expect to pay a small cover (usually its $2). Other bars to visit:

  • Capone's-Casual. Bar games and good food too.
  • Time Out- Sports bar. Expect a wait for a cocktail on a busy night.
  • Fat Segull- Unique. Sometimes will have bands.
  • Saucies- Popular with a younger crowd. A bit trashy.
  • Chewey's- Badger influence. Good area on Friday nights
  • Stage Door Saloon- Non-smoking bar. Not always open.

If your looking for something other than a bar Manitowoc has three movie theaters, one is a budget theater. We also have the Capitol Civic Center which has live performances.

I'm not trying to say that Manitowoc could ever compare to Michigan Avenue but we have some cute little stores that many enjoy. The most famous would have to be Cooks Corner, America's largest kitchen store; it attracts many from neighboring cities. We have Golden Ring, a store that sells guitars, and other stringed instruments and sheet music. A great Wisconsin store to visit is the Cheese Nook is a tiny little cheese store with more kinds of cheeses than you have relatives to buy them for. I try to get as many things as I can from the Natural Market; this store has organic foods and natural products as well as vitamins. One of my favorite stores is Timeless Treasures, this downtown vintage store sold items to people for the set of the movie Titanic. You can find all kinds of fun vintage clothing and accessories at Timeless Treasures for not a lot of money. Look for these other shops too:

  • Rummles-Jewelery store
  • LaDeDa-Fun specialty book store
  • Mad Hatter- Costume store
  • Junk Box- Unique collector's items and used goods
  • Quilts and Silks- Fabric and quilting store

Upcoming Events
This month I'm looking forward to checking out some haunted houses in the area. There's supposed to be a new one in the old motel on Highway CR. In St. Nazianz, which is Manitowoc County, JFK prep usually hosts a haunted house as well; this one is a classic because the old abandoned private school has a lot of haunted history behind it anyway. The morgue, an old 3 story school house now a bar and hall, is having a haunted house as well this year too.
I also found out that Cook's Corner is offering cooking classes and my boyfriend and I are interested in signing up for a couple.

Well that's it for now please feel free to comment or ask questions if you'd like. Thank you for visiting my blog!